Giant Hat gave us a personal and non-intimidating entry into a world in which we now must be capable and adept. They were that reliable and honest friend that has always had our back when we've been unsure and unexperienced in new fields of commerce.

Mike Marquard Blueprint Coffee

The website is the full representation of our takes care of all the big things, as well as the little things. We are selling our drum samples in over 30 countries world wide!

Dustin Burnett That Sound

We worked with other developers before, and we never quite made it all the way to the final product we promised our first customers. Giant Hat took our vision with great care and understanding and built out a custom HIPAA-compliant API and user-facing product which finally took our services to market for the first time!

Jim McKenna Certascan

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The plain-English version of What We Do and For Whom

Certascan Technologies

We built and now maintain 4 different systems for CertaScan:

  • Software that nurses use to capture digital footprints from newborn infants.
  • A website where new mothers can go to get a keepsake certificate of their baby’s footprints.
  • A website where hospital staff can keep track of all the footprints captured in their unit.
  • A piece of software called an application programming interface (API) that coordinates with the other 3 systems to keep everything organized.

Kolcraft Enterprises, Inc.

We built and now maintain several websites for Kolcraft, including their main website, a replacement parts website, a product and marketing image repository, and an internal website for their customer service agents, among others. We also help their IT department with several miscellaneous web-related projects.

Stamp & Chase

We developed Stamp & Chase's hospital leadership development web application. Frontline hospital managers use this revolutionary app to promote accountability and help their teams achieve organizational goals.

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