The Beta may be right for you if:

  • You are diving into building an app of some kind to support your startup or new business idea.
  • You are an established business that needs a new tool to increase sales, connect better with your customers, or help facilitate internal processes.
  • You have been looking for some “off-the-shelf” software to fill a critical business need, but you’ve been disappointed with what’s out there.

We call it “The Beta” because typically what we do is build out a “beta” version of your app. “Beta” is a common term for a new app that is used to gain feedback from your actual customers. Your customers use the app and help you define how it will work best. We also often build what some people call an MVP – a minimally-viable product – or a prototype app. “Beta”, MVP, and prototype are often used interchangeably even if they mean slightly different things.

Usually, we won’t jump into The Beta without first doing The Project Blueprint with you. But if you have a well thought out plan for your app, we can consider skipping The Project Blueprint and relying on your plan. Sometimes we even build apps based on plans developed by other software companies.

Project budgets for The Beta can be very low – from a few thousand dollars – all the way up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Let’s talk about it!

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