You’ve had your share of ups and downs with your website, and it is time for something new. You may need to shift to an entirely new platform better suited to your needs. Or you may need only a visual redesign and reorganization of content. Whatever the case may be, you have to keep serving your customers so your new site has to have all the bells and whistles it currently does.

The Rebuild follows a process we have developed over years of trial and error. Your site will be designed, developed, and launched using the same steps we have used to produce over 100 successful websites. It comes in two flavors: one for websites that process sales transactions (e-commerce) and one for websites that don’t (marketing-only.)


Establish your brand, get your message out there, and generate leads with a custom-designed marketing website.


Sell your products and handle credit card transactions on a fully-functional e-commerce website.

Every project is different, so the numbers above are meant to provide you with a ballpark project budget. Contact us to get a better idea what your project will entail.

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