When you contact a marketing agency or development firm, you are usually dealing with someone whose primary role is business development – in other words, a salesperson. They give you a warm fuzzy by validating your ideas and telling you what a great fit they are for your project. Then after 2 or 3 brief encounters and a few emails, they hurriedly quote you a 5- or 6-figure price for your app or website.

Ask yourself this question: do you really want a salesperson estimating a project budget for one of the most expensive things you are ever going to buy?

Wouldn’t you want someone who actually has personal experience building apps and websites to figure out what it’s going to take to build yours? Shouldn’t your hire someone to reduce the risks inherent in a major investment like this? Wouldn’t you be willing to pay a few thousand dollars to ensure that you don’t waste $50,000?

Most agencies validate and estimate your website or app before there is a formal business relationship or any money has changed hands. They give you just enough of their expertise to figure out a ballpark number without actually spending too much time on it. But their goals are not aligned with yours. They want your money and big project budgets look really nice, while you need to know what the effort is going to entail, not just in dollars.

Like a house, not a car.

Custom software and complex websites are not like a car you can test drive once or twice and then drive off the lot: not everyone understands how an app or website works in the same way they understand how cars work and how to drive one. Yet, some people treat the buying process like they can head on down to the software lot and handle it all on Saturday morning.

To make a comparison with another large purchase many people make, embarking on a software project is often more like buying a home. You have to pay experts to evaluate the home and help you negotiate the purchase. It’s complicated and sometimes stressful. But the more due diligence you do up front, the more likely you are to get the house you want and the less likely it is to turn out to harbor hidden problems. In other words, you pay for professional services to ensure your success before you even begin paying for the actual house itself. Hiring Giant Hate to do a Project Blueprint for you is like hiring a real estate agent, lawyer, loan officer, and home inspector all wrapped into one. It helps ensure that you are going to get the app or website you actually want.

Should we do it at all, and, if so, how?

The bottom line is that websites and apps need more planning. Much more. Everyone, including most design and development agencies, wants to jump in and get started before they have fully thought through everything. Prior to estimating a project budget for a potential client, the amount of planning that happens is rarely enough to fully understand everything. As a result, budgets can be wildly wrong or you build something you don’t really want. Or, even worse, you start building something that you shouldn’t build at all.

You need to trust that your developer is working towards the same goal as you are. The only way to ensure this is to put their expertise to use developing a plan for you. Make them an agent of your success by aligning their goals with yours. The question is not “how much is this project?” but “should we do it at all, and if so, how?” First, hire them to help you figure out exactly what needs to be done. Worry about building it later.

Try us out.

One of the main benefits of The Project Blueprint is that you will have a chance to know us before possibly embarking on a much larger project with us. Can you imagine signing a 5- or 6-figure contract with a developer only to find out a month into the contract that you really don’t like the way they work? It happens. Get to know us in a low-pressure setting while we put together a rock-solid plan for you.

Don’t let a salesperson plan your project.
Get a better app or website with The Project Blueprint.

For Apps

You get a full project planning effort that includes:

  • user stories and functional requirements exploration
  • data modeling
  • user onboarding flow analysis
  • user interface wireframing
  • service pricing consultation

At the end of the project we will deliver:

  • user stories and requirements document
  • data model document
  • user onboarding diagram
  • wireframe PDFs
  • pricing matrix (if applicable)
  • an accurate project budget

For Websites

You get a full project planning effort that includes:

  • functional requirements exploration
  • content organization
  • key page wireframing
  • e-commerce functionality planning
  • lead capture planning

At the end of the project we will deliver:

  • requirements document
  • content/page hierarchy document
  • wireframe PDFs
  • e-commerce/lead capture strategy document
  • an accurate project budget

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