How we get to know each other

You’ll be invited to our office to meet the team or we'll schedule a video call to get acquainted. Then, you'll tell us about your idea, your market, your vision, and the problems you’ve faced so far.

We’ll help you gain clarity into your technical strategy and educate you on the various avenues you can go. This isn’t a sales meeting - if you’re better served by a skill set we can’t provide, we’ll refer you to a trusted alternative. Regardless of whether or not we’re a good fit, we’ll make sure you leave with a plan of attack and a comfortable, energizing experience (we love meeting new people and hearing about your businesses and ideas).

How we’ll work for you

Every software development shop out there has a process. There's usually some kind of talk about strategy and development and feedback and they all somehow "iterate". That's awesome. We get it. But can you tell us how it benefits you?

So, instead of a process, we have a promise. Our promise to you has four main ingredients:


We can only work with you if we care about your idea.

If you don’t feel cared for, something is wrong.

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We’ll help you discover and articulate the one single decisive motivation that drives your business. This will guide our software decisions and take the burden of understanding technical details off your plate. There are always plenty of small decisions that need to be made, and tweaks and adjustments that happen while building software. We will worry about these things for you.

You should be able to trust your development team to modify strategy and tactics based on changes in the environment and the availability of new information. When a major technical decision needs to be made, we will provide you with well thought out and articulated alternatives so that you can make business decisions, not software decisions.


Simplicity enables speed - speed to decide, and speed to act. If you think you have a great idea, chances are good that someone else is already working on it, too. There is no time to waste.

Our philosophy is that your vision and your viability are best served by haste. There is a known tradeoff here - errors of haste will be made. These are acceptable, because these drawbacks can be mitigated with proper decision making.


If building software to tackle a problem is the right answer, then inherently you’re tackling something that hasn’t been done before or approaching a currently solved problem in a disruptive way. By default, you’re operating in uncertainty. The best way to mitigate this uncertainty is to test the validity of your assumptions.

Take deliberate guesses. Put imperfectly working software out there. See how it feels. Identify your mistakes. Feed what you’ve learned back into the project. This is what creates software that doesn’t just save time, or make money, but software that truly makes lives better and moves us into the future.

Here’s what we’re most commonly asked to do:



If you are ready to talk about how to accomplish the technical side of your idea, let's sit down and talk. This is an informal strategy and whiteboarding session. You'll leave with ideas.

Vision Document

You are in the early stages of building your product or service and need help explaining the technical side in your pitch deck. Broad strokes, not details. We'll help you give those tech slides some teeth.

Project Blueprint

You are ready to get specific and plan out the technical strategy for your project in detail. User stories, wireframes, frameworks, libraries. All the goodies spec'd out so you can develop with us or anyone.


Pair Programming

Are you stuck on something? Or do you just need to get things started? We can help. Sit with one of our Ruby on Rails developers for a few hours.

Project Programming

You're ready to get coding something new, or you have an existing app or website that you want us to take to the next level.

Concierge Programming

All of our services, rolled into one. Our whole team is totally engaged in your project at the level that makes sense to you.

Looking for Wordpress Development?

We do that, too.

Do you have your client's Wordpress site all planned and designs ready to go? We can knock it out for you. We're available for early-stage project planning as well.

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