How to Add Email Greeting/Salutation to WooCommerce New Account Email

Let’s face it. Most default email templates for WooCommerce are hideous. Yes, indeed, you can customize them in the settings. We needed a simple change to add a proper salutation to the email because we’re proper like that. Dear Reid, Thank you for creating an account on … … and so on Turns out, it’s … Continued

How to Handle a Paternity Leave in a Startup

Introduction Do you own a startup or small business? Do you have kids or are you preparing to have a baby? As men, it’s tempting to tell ourselves that it’s OK to only take a few days off following the birth of a child. You’re not running a Fortune 500 company with paid paternity leave, … Continued

Bootstrap for Designers

Are you a seasoned designer finding yourself tasked with designing for the Bootstrap grid, but aren’t sure where to start? Do you find yourself limited by developers forcing their preferred front-end framework down the throat of your beautiful designs? Is your design CV riddled with print, but you want to learn to design for the … Continued

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